By experience, learning a language by yourself is at the same time possible and really hard.
When it comes to most languages, one needs to start by the basics in a book or in a class then move on to practicing speaking and understanding.
However with tonal languages like Vietnamese, this is the wrong approach.
One can study in a class with a book and a teacher for months only to find out that there is no communication possible with the locals despite the knowledge.
This is because tones are too difficult to master without constantly listening and repeating what you hear.
So self learning in that sense is very efficient.
One listens again and again and repeats the words and expressions till you feel comfortable to try them out on the streets.
Listening to videos online, podcasts and explanations all in Vietnamese will make you say things right from day 1.
You copy and paste what you hear !
Again, as the most important challenge with Vietnamese is using the tones then pronunciation must be your n*1 focus.
Using our IziViet PPP method allows you to listen and repeat. You can plan your suits your lifestyle. Consistency is key to remembering the sounds and intonations. Practice within our community and progress step by step.
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Using our courses effectively with our PPP method.
First, you plan your learning.
The best option is to study every day but a regular plan is good enough.
You can study one lesson a day or one lesson a week but you must master all of said lesson before going on to next one.
We know you are busy so the planning is up to you. We recommend consistency in your planning for efficiency of learning.

Second, you practice anytime.
You can listen to the audios on the go. You can listen to the full lessons on the move. You can watch the dialogue and try to understand and remember the new words.

You can listen to the explanations and then write down the vocabulary in your notebook.
Check how many words you have mastered. Focus on tones.
Practice. Practice. Practice by using our lessons in full or not but never stop practicing. Practice with everyone even if only for a few minutes. Practice every day.
Third, you progress. How?
You progress by communicating with your neighbors, your street vendors and your colleagues but mostly in the beginning by joining our community.
Connect with other learners online or in real life. Meet up in groups or in tutorials.
Our community will also have meetings to get to know each other and practice all our skills including our social skills!
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If you have time, ask them to speak Vietnamese with you for a while then you offer to speak
English with them. Maybe you have found a practice partner!
If you are in a real life situation like a restaurant then be persistent and continue in Vietnamese.
They’ll catch on and you’ll feel so proud of yourself!
Never miss an occasion to practice!
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First, keep your cool and join the fun! Then try to use other words to make yourself understood.
A tonal language can make you say things you don’t want to say because of mispronunciation !
You think you’re saying « hello sunshine »
but you’re saying « goodbye rain » and everyone is laughing….
Or you think you’re saying
« chào CÁC bạn « / Hello everyone
but maybe your pronunciation is
« chào CẠC bạn « / Hello to your penis
Ha Ha ha… You get the gist ! Everyone around you is hysterical !
So keep cool, think that your making others smile and practice more till …

One day they reply in Vietnamese and that day will be your Eureka moment ! You’ll love it and your efforts will feel so worth it.
Your connection with others in Saigon and with your daily life will enhance your journey of becoming a Saigoneer!

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s -> dấu sắc
f -> dấu huyền
r -> dấu hỏi
x -> dấu ngã
j -> dấu nặng
aa = â
aw = ă
dd = đ
ee = ê
oo = ô
ow = ơ
uow = ươ

Học tiếng Việt = hocj tieengs Vieetj


1 => dấu sắc
2 => dấu huyền
3 => dấu hỏi
4 => dấu ngã
5 => dấu nặng
6 => o+6 = ô / e+6 = ê / a+6 = â
7 => o +7 = ơ / u + 7 = ư
8 => a +8 = ă
9 => d + 9 = đ

Học tiếng Việt = hoc5 tie6ng1 Vie6t5

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