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Why choose IziViet

Learning Vietnamese online with us through videos and practice will make you fall in love with the language, the people,
the culture and best of all with Vietnam.
It is easy and a great brain twister with only local expressions and real life conversations.
It will be useful in your daily life in Vietnam, your business life or your family life making your dream come true.

It is EASY to learn with us !
  • 1. Online material for self learning
  • 2. Our PPP method: plan, practice, progress
  • 3. Great Topics about life, news, culture, work & travel
  • 4. Online access to our teachers
  • 5. Monitoring of your progress
  • 6. Being part of our IziViet community
  • 7. Practicing your skills with other IziViet students on our forum

How we teach

We monitor your efforts and help you out through your journey of Vietnamese fluency.
Step by step you’ll speak and most importantly be understood and understand what people say.

We use our new method PPP: plan, practice & progress

  • PLAN: all our material is online, you will be proactive in your learning and plan your classes
  • PRACTICE: every day or almost every day by listening and repeating, by practicing with all our available content
  • PROGRESS: the consistency in your studying will enhance your daily achievement and you will progress at your own pace but with success!

We challenge you to join our game… and to meet us in each of these 4 districts of Saigon depending on your level …. JOIN NOW!

Honor board


Course: Thủ Đức

First place

50% off for one month subscription,1 hour tutoring with Jenny


Course: Thảo Điền

Second place

50% off for one month subscription


Course: Phú Mỹ Hưng

Third place

30% off for one month subscription

Learning Vietnamese on your Sai Gon journey!

Thủ Đức
Thảo Điền
Phú Mỹ Hưng
Bến Thành

Level 1 Thủ Đức

A large district just outside of Saigon, a very popular district for families and those who want to « make it ».
Here you will learn basic Vietnamese, all the information for daily conversations and interactions.

Level 2 Thảo Điền

The « expat » district is also known for a great choice of shopping and nice atmosphere. A place for people who are on the rise socially and who like to be close to the city center.
Here you will progress from basic conversations to all different kinds of topics and social activities expanding your vocabulary, your use of grammar structures and your ease of speaking.

Level 3 Phú Mỹ Hưng

The cool place, the high class district for all those who have « made it ». Super modern, super living area, great infrastructure and no flooding! It does feel VIP.
Here you will expand all your skills- listening, speaking and understanding what is going on around you. You will learn colloquial Vietnamese and some slang. You will be at ease to talk to anyone and even laugh with everyone.

Level 4 Bến Thành

The ultimate dream. The real SAIGON. The only one. Where we all want to be.
Here you are already a Saigoneer and you can make your Vietnamese dream happen while watching TV shows, TV news, stories, Movies and much more. Join the fun!

After studying online with a few teachers from the complete beginner stage for around 18 months, I came across Izi Việt. What attracted me at first was that I was seeing and hearing dialogue that seemed completely unfamiliar, even though I had studied for a reasonable time before. It also explained why I could speak and write a bit, but I rarely understood anything that Vietnamese people said to me.
Language acquisition takes up your valuable time, especially if you are not familiar with tonal languages like Vietnamese.
Jenny teaches real Vietnamese that you will hear on the streets of Saigon.
She swiftly corrected my mistakes with ease and I was talking to locals, family and friends within a few months.
Few tips in retrospect
Contact Jenny.
Be in for the long haul. It’s not a race.
Don’t waste your valuable time learning things like “xin chào” and “rất vui được gặp bạn” Nobody says that!
Have a lot of fun learning real Vietnamese.
Paul Ward

I have been learning Vietnamese with Jenny for over 10 months. I have been taking 1 hour classes with her twice a week.
I wanted to learn Vietnamese so I can speak the language with my family, relatives and friends. I also wanted to travel to Vietnam so learning the language will improve my experience there.

I started as a beginner and Vietnamese is a difficult language to learn. Jenny spends the class time helping you with speaking and pronunciation. She has cater our classes to my pace and has no issues if I request focusing on specific topics like travel, restaurants, family, etc.

Her website has a lot of great materials/lessons that she uses during your lessons to help you learn Vietnamese. There are also mini games and memorization games/tools to help you with the weekly lessons.

My Vietnamese has improved a lot and I recommend Jenny if you want to learn and speak natural/local Southern Vietnamese.

Lap Hang

I’ve been studying Vietnamese with Phước for two years. Classes are fun and engaging. Outside of class, practicing in the real world is easy because the lessons are always relevant to everyday life and current events. Plus, I frequently get compliments from locals on my pronunciation!
Gabrielle B

I have had the most fun learning experience with Jenny, for anyone looking for a fast and fun learning journey, I would like to recommend Jenny!
Amy Xin

Learning with teacher Phước Võ is a sweet experience. Classes are funny and she tries her best to help everyone to participate and stay active in class. Why do I recommend her over other Vietnamese classes I had? Well, she is always paying attention to our pronunciation (what is a must for a good Vietnamese), and thanks to that I can properly enjoy life, parties and relationships with all my Vietnamese friends.
Rafael Garciacano

I’ve had many teachers since moving to Vietnam in 2011 and have stuck with Cô Phuoc because she really understands the difficulties we have. She has helped me gain confidence in speaking with strangers and read news articles in Vietnamese. I greatly appreciate her patience and ability to spot my bad habits. I’ve recommended her to numerous friends without any reservation.
Chris Liu

I have been studying Vietnamese with Jenny for over a year, and will surely keep it with her. 🙂
Jenny’s class is simple, essential and easy to participate in, which I think is the best way to learn new languages, especially at an early stage. Jenny also shares very practical words and expressions(that you cannot learn from Google or dictionaries!) so I could have learnt “living” Vietnamese, that can be used in many ways of actual Saigonese life! (Of course I can learn Northern Vietnamese too.)
I have been studying many foreign languages, and I know how important it is to have right lessons for each one’s level. I noticed that Jenny has reach teaching experience to measure each students’ level accurately, so can guide each better even in same class.
Altogether, I can highly recommend Jenny’s Vietnamese class, and believe you won’t regret with that decision! 😉

I’ve been studying Vietnamese online with Jenny for about 5 months now.
I really like her teaching method as she focuses on everyday life situations and practical language that real people in Saigon are using, not academic sentences that nobody uses.
She also insists and corrects me on my pronunciations which is one of the difficult parts of Vietnamese Language.
Besides the course, she is very nice, funny, approachable and she is open to talk about any topics related to Vietnamese culture, the news or subjects that interest me.
After 5 months, I have improved my level much more than in many years with other teachers!
I highly recommend learning Vietnamese with IziViet.
Catherine N

I have been studying with Phuoc for three years for about two hours a week. She is very accessible and helpful. We practice a lot of speaking and at this point, I can have intermediate conversations with people. My pronunciation has improved a lot and according to native Vietnamese speakers, they understand over 80% of the things I want to convey without me having to repeat myself. I have even had some in-depth conversations about life, the economy, etc. My grammar is also very strong and I rarely make grammatical errors. The lessons are fun and engaging.
Ventsislav Stoichev

I think my Vietnamese is improved a lot after having a class with Phuoc (Jenny). I like how she cares about my Vietnamese level so she can offer the right level of class. It’s not difficult but fun to learn to speak Vietnamese with her. Overall I really like the class and would love to recommend it to anyone who would like to learn Vietnamese.
Chloe Shin

I’ve studied online with Jenny for a few years. I’m US-born Vietnamese and felt the need to improve my Tieng Viet both personally and professionally. The lessons are structured around daily conversations and the vocabulary is built from there. There are reading/listening lessons to study outside of the online class. I would strongly suggest you try Jenny Vo for learning Vietnamese.
Duong Tran

Before I met Jenny, I’d learned Vietnamese off and on for a few years, in the University, with other teachers. Jenny is the longest I studied with, and she is my favorite teacher.
As a not-beginner student, when I started learning with Jenny, I already had some bad habits. For example, I couldn’t pronounce “đ-t” and “ơ-ư” well. Jenny was VERY PATIENT helping me deal with this problem, making my Vietnamese more Vietnamese.
We shared about our life, plans for the future, talked about news, culture, Vietnamese movies, youtuber, podcast and even investment, all in Vietnamese. Jenny makes Vietnamese vivid, not just a language in a textbook.
Also, Jenny was a good coach for training taking Vietnamese exams. As an office worker who was gradually unfamiliar with taking examinations and didn’t have much time to prepare, Jenny helped me realize how to pursue great progress in Vietnamese.
The happiest thing to learn with Jenny was when the day moved on, I could understand more and more through articles, videos and audios. At the same time, I could talk with Jenny in more and more subjects and express my thoughts, it was such a wonderful feeling.
Elein Chen

The best teacher is IziViet.

I have been learning Vietnamese for 3 years. It has been a quest! I had tried many teachers only to find that nobody understood me when I said a few words. When I started learning with IziViet, it was different as speaking became easy while listening to all the content online and conversing with Jenny. The best part is you learn the real Vietnamese and learn online at your own pace. I highly recommend IziViet. Now practicing Vietnamese is fun and easy!

Eva L.

Learning Vietnamese was a dream for me when I fell in love with Vietnam and later with my Vietnamese partner. I struggled so much with this tonal language and had so little time to study. The 3 top criteria for me are : flexibility, quality and content of the lessons with unlimited access. Finding IziViet was the best thing. I can study online when I want and have a top teacher always available for tutoring. It works! Speaking Vietnamese is my passion now!

Misha B.

Growing up in Australia with my extended Vietnamese family had its ups and downs. When I decided to move back to Vietnam it became my personal challenge to brush up my

Vietnamese : my level was that of a high school kid! I needed the best lessons curated for fast track online learning. IziViet has been key to my success. Top quality tutor, best online content, a key method making learning pro active and efficient !

Nhan T. N.

After my divorce, I decided to up my life and leave the US to move to Asia. I started a new business online and after 3 months of a nomad life, I stopped in Saigon and took time to re-center myself.

I met some great people who inspired me to develop my business and… to settle down.

The next step was learning Vietnamese « fast and easy » ! Little did I know how I would fight with the tones. My best tip: practice, practice, practice ! My best teacher: Jenny at IziViet.

Learning with IziViet has been a top choice. Challenging as it is, I am loving my Vietnamese online lessons and offline tutoring. After 6 months, I can understand and be understood! Hurrah!

Nancy S.


I have been studying Vietnamese with Jenny’s course for 4 years now, and I can say that it is the best online course for learning Vietnamese. Jenny is an amazing teacher, who has taught me everything from the basics to the advanced level. She has helped me improve my listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Vietnamese.
She also gives you quizzes and exercises to test your knowledge and progress.

Erik Andersen.

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