Hello fellow learners and lovers of the Vietnamese language!


Like all of us at IziViet you want to improve your Vietnamese vocabulary by understanding your learning style so you can learn Vietnamese faster! Are you a reader? A singer? A dancer?

Many of us remember our school days either with nostalgia or with loathing. Whatever happened, it turns out we all have a different way of retaining information.


Some of us were good at rote memorization, others better at reciting poetry while others ran around the classroom trying to memorize multiplication tables. In most cultures no running or walking around is allowed so it can be long torturous hours sitting on those chairs!


Luckily this is all past us and let’s fast forward to your Vietnamese learning journey!


You need to know your learning style to help you acquire vocabulary and speaking patterns faster and to retain them longer.


There are 3 learning styles:


Visual learners

You learn best by reading and writing to see and remember visually

…like a photo in your head.

Auditory learners

You learn best by listening and hearing patterns by focusing on sounds …like a song in your head.


Kinaesthetic learners

You learn best by moving so while walking around repeating lessons or by running and listening to podcasts…like remembering dancing steps or karaté passes in your body.


When you think about yourself you’ll soon figure out what your style is and then use that to your advantage to make your Vietnamese progress more efficient and constant.


Most importantly remember to enjoy learning and ultimately to sleep!

Sleeping helps process all the new things going on around you. Sleeping helps your brain consolidate the new routes and patterns that come with the challenge of a new language.

So are you a Reader? A Singer? A dancer?

To improve your Vietnamese vocabulary input you need to know your learning style.

Define Your Unique style of learning and tell Jenny about it! Become a Saigoneer! Be an IziVieter!