Hello fellow learners and lovers of the Vietnamese language!

Like all of us at IziViet you want to hear how to decide who is the best teacher of Vietnamese. Here are our 5 best ways to know you have chosen the best teacher.

  1. You look forward to your class
  2. You feel challenged
  3. You feel progress
  4. You look forward to communicating
  5. You love to see smiles around you


Let’s explain our 5 tips:


Tip 1: You are unique and your learning style is unique. You can only improve your Vietnamese if and only if you enjoy your classes.

If you don’t …look around and…. join us at IziViet!


Tip 2: Progress happens if you are challenged enough to learn new things and encouraged enough to pursue! Your IziViet teacher Jenny will push you every day and you’ll love it!

Tip 3: Often we feel that our learning is going in circles: how to introduce yourself, talk about your lifestyle and hobbies, learn about food and drinks… back to the beginning…. Why is this? Because most courses function like travel agencies not like community builders.

We thrive at IziViet to offer various styles and topics covering what you want to share and talk about as a Saigoneer not as a traveler!


Tip 4: Most classes focus on formal teaching by the books. They offer lessons and exercises old school style. Thus you speak like people did in 2000.

Remember …we’re in 2020…

Vietnamese is a very creative language, new words and expressions appear every day…. That’s why IziViet teaches you colloquial Vietnamese, the one people actually speak here…. So you’ll be excited to hit a conversation at your office or on the streets or with your new friends… because they’ll love your real life Vietnamese style…

You’ll feel proud and progress fast!


Tip 5: Love is life and life is love! Share the love of Vietnam by speaking the language… You’ll see huge smiles on people’s face when they hear you… it takes some time from the first inquisitive smiles (what is he/she saying?) to the laughing smiles (your mistake might be hilarious) to the grateful smiles: you took time and energy to learn the local language …the joy of sharing will make your heart swell with love for life in Vietnam!

Become a Saigoneer! Be an IziVieter!

Join us to learn with the best teacher of Vietnamese