Hello fellow learners and lovers of the Vietnamese language!

Like all of us at IziViet you want to hear all the secrets about learning Vietnamese faster! Here are our 5 best tips to improve your Vietnamese.

  1. Listen, listen, listen
  2. Hook up with a partner
  3. Repeat phrasal content
  4. Practice every day even 5 minutes
  5. Have Fun


Let’s explain our 5 tips.


Tip 1 – Listen, listen, listen

whenever you can listen to native speakers …. Do it! And do so even if you need to use subtitles on YouTube or tv shows.

Try to break up your listening in small time slots to focus more.


Tip 2 – Hook up with a partner

Find an IziVieter of your level and practice vocabulary and ideas.

When one progresses more than the other, the challenge will push you forward.


Tip 3 – Repeat phrasal content

While using our videos.. repeat phrasal content… this means learn by sentence not by words…

For example:

learn “ em tên là gì “ or “ anh tên là gì “ but don’t focus on the words.


Tip 4 – Practice every day even 5 minutes

Make it a habit to practice every single day even if only for 5 minutes. Read, listen or repeat

Practice makes perfect!


Tip 5 – Have Fun

Having fun is essential to learning… so enjoy it… laugh along the journey… find ways to make a colorful puzzle with Vietnamese or better yet….

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