Hello fellow learners, fellow IziVieters !
First time in Sai Gon…..
Landing in Saigon for the first time….
Memories of that day are like hot chocolate on ice cream… they make my heart melt every time!
Coming from a perfectly beautiful and very organized city …. I landed in Saigon to visit before a
future posting…..and….
It was WOW ! It was LOVE at first sight !
The craziness of the motorbikes going everywhere like fish in the sea… pools of bikes roaming the city freely…. People in every outfit from city folks to country folks… from handsome couple to
Ninja girls… from kids sleeping in the back to chicken, dogs, cats and pigs… from sipping coffee
on the go to eating a snack as one’s boyfriend steers the bike along the way…
Then… Life pours out on the streets:
The children wearing uniforms waiting for their parents in a flow of noise and bikes zooming
The smell of great coffee coupled with food stalls here and there… the aroma of fresh herbs,
barbecues and sea food all in one.
The music of the language like people yelling at each other but actually laughing and giggling…
The cleaning or fixing of everything and anything…
The people selling whatever you can think of…
You name it you have it !
The colors of the fruit and vegetables …
from the marvelous mango to the divine mangosteen… from the sugarcane juice to the smell of
durian…. from sweet potatoes to morning glory…
From the world famous bánh mì to the iconic
Phở ….
The smiles, the tears of hard work, the families, the young generation and the old… all partying
on the streets at any occasion… a football match? The city goes red, gold and crazy!
Saigon ơi Saigon đẹp lắm
First time in Sai Gon, It was love at first sight!
For the Love of Saigon’s lifestyle
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