Hello fellow learners and lovers of the Vietnamese language!


Why learn Vietnamese with IziViet?

Studying a new language is an adventure in itself.

Learning a new skill is a healthy training for your brain. 

Speaking Vietnamese is a dream when you want to enjoy the place you live in, when you want to converse with your colleagues or employees. 

Discussing in Vietnamese is your goal when you wish to rejoice with your new Saigon family, when you wish to recover your identity or reconnect with loved ones. 

Why IziViet? 

IziViet grows on a new method based on listening, focused on pronunciation and comprehension.

IziViet insists on teaching you colloquial Vietnamese with every day topics and events happening in Vietnam now. 

IziViet puts the accent on current trends and facts of life.

IziViet strives to make your learning journey as easy as possible but at the same time as efficient as possible. 

IziViet offers the best flexibility for your daily planning, for your daily practice and pushes you to progress consistently.

IziViet values you the most and chooses the best teacher for your unique journey of learning Vietnamese.

How IziViet helps you?

Vietnamese courses at IziViet

IziViet offers online and offline teaching via monthly memberships.

IziViet offers you the latest content and videos at each level.

IziViet makes you understand Vietnamese and be understood ! 

IziViet offers a community of learners and of Saigon lovers to meet and greet offline and online…

Can you learn Vietnamese by yourself?

By experience, learning a language by yourself is at the same time possible and really hard.
When it comes to most languages, one needs to start by the basics in a book or in a class then move on to practicing speaking and understanding.
However with tonal languages like Vietnamese, this is the wrong approach.
One can study in a class with a book and a teacher for months only to find out that there is no communication possible with the locals despite the knowledge.
This is because tones are too difficult to master without constantly listening and repeating what you hear.
So self learning in that sense is very efficient.
One listens again and again and repeats the words and expressions till you feel comfortable to try them out on the streets.
Listening to videos online, podcasts and explanations all in Vietnamese courses will make you say things right from day 1.
You copy and paste what you hear !
Again, as the most important challenge with Vietnamese is using the tones then pronunciation must be your n*1 focus.
Using our IziViet PPP method allows you to listen and repeat. You can plan your suits your lifestyle. Consistency is key to remembering the sounds and intonations. Practice within our community and progress step by step.
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